This is a group of people who will become the life blood of the church. They will have the DNA of the church, full of the Holy Ghost, inspired to do the work of the ministry.

We believe the tsunami wave of the Holy Ghost is about to hit Bear, Delaware and move across the nation and the world. We know that tsunami waves are unstoppable, nothing stands in its way, it sweeps all objects in its way. Similarly, Holy Ghost tsunami wave cannot be stopped by anybody nor the devil and its agents. It is going to create the atmosphere for souls to be saved, healed, delivered from all kinds of situations, empower people to live for God. It will birth new authentic worship, heavenly sound, new passion for Christ, abandonment to self to live for Christ. Prayer always precedes revival. Pray for revival.

If you have been having visions of cloud, rain, lightning and fire, the presence and the glory of God and the Holy Ghost, and wondering what the next step maybe, this may be a place for you. Come and see.

If you have had such an impression from God, God needs you to come and be part of history. We believe that God is already speaking to people about this. Just like God connected Peter and Cornelius. Saul of Tarsus with Ananias. Philip and Ethiopian Eunuch. Anna waiting and expecting the birth of the Messiah. Simeon waiting and expecting the birth of the Messiah.

Within the heart of every person is the desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. When you join the JESUS DREAM TEAM, you can do just that – to use your gifts, passions and personality to serve God and bless others through countless acts of service. Some people greet guests. Still others care for children or assist with outreach. Whatever puts a spring in your step, that’s where we want you to be. We know that when you serve out of your passion, it produces an inner joy and fulfillment, while making an eternal impact for God’s Kingdom.
Pray with us for the manifestation of Holy Spirit tsunami and revival. Pray and ask God if this is the local body, He wants you to be part of.

If you like starting something new, starting a church in a diverse, multi-cultural setting to help people of all nations become devoted followers of Christ – this is a great opportunity for you.
Our goal is to pattern the church to the teachings of Christ and relive the Acts of the Apostle with the mindset of doing greater works by the power of The Holy Spirit.

Just imagine for a moment a group of intercessors coming together to cry to God for another manifestation of open heavens for the Holy Ghost tsunami wave for greater works than the early church had! Where a whole community are healthy. I have always wondered why Christ was very concerned about sickness, disease and hunger. Why He instructed the disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons. If you look at the healthcare cost in this country and around the world, you will understand the role the church should play in helping to cure people plagued with sickness, disease and demon possessed.

There are things you have alternate remedy for. For example, if you out of work you can get another job, people can help you etc. but if you are sick and doctors give up on you to die, what do you do? That is why Christ told believers to heal the sick, cast out demons and set the oppressed free. The world doesn’t have solution for those oppressed of demons, only Christ does.





This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to meet the administrative needs of the church, using computer skills, data entry, and attention to details. Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check


This team coordinates picking up free baked goods from Panera Bread and other entities for those hungry in our community


This is a team for those with a heart to serve behind the scenes, in conferences, baptisms and other church hosted events, this team places priority on valuing people and serving with excellence.


This team serves behind the scenes to help to keep our church grounds and building beautiful for our Lord.


This team enjoys serving diligently behind the scenes to help keep our church clean and looking excellent.


This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at All Nations Family Church. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement, and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.


This team helps to create a place where each and every week children are boldly exposed to the love of Jesus. They invest in the lives of children by serving in a ministry that leads children into a dynamic relationship with Jesus. This ministry is both energetic and effective through teaching, small groups, check in, worship, videos, crafts, and hands-on activities. Requirements: Background check


This team of healthcare providers helps to triage and administer basic care in the event of an accident or urgent situation during services.


This team creates a warm and vibrant online environment by giving each Church Online guest a cheerful greeting, offering prayer to encourage people in their struggles – all with the hope that they’ll let their guard down and open their heart to receive the Gospel message.


This team helps to organize winning of souls, locate places, neighborhood for door to door, crusade in in the city, including but not limited to parks, stadium, basketball courts, malls etc. If you’re passionate about sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus in a prison ministry or nursing home, by reaching out to the hungry or homeless.


This team is responsible for the safety and well-being of all occupants of the facility at All Nations Family Church during regular and/or special services.


This team prepares video announcements and works with others to share their testimonies through video. Assists in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, and other visual elements.


This team of men and women prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming guests and members, assisting with seating, worship guide/flyer materials, communion, and taking up the offering. Requirements: Background check


This team leads the church into worship, either vocally or instrumentally. Use your musical abilities and talents to lead people into a dynamic experience where people encounter the presence of the living God!


This team provides prayer covering for services, teams and ministries at All Nations.
Interceding for revival. Outpouring of Holy Ghost tsunami.
Pray for unity in local and corporate body
Destroying all altars of Baal of foreign gods from different nations and establishing the altar of Christ in Bear, Delaware, North America and around the world.
Pray for God to draw all men to Himself


This team facilitates services in state prisons/correctional facilities and nursing homes.
Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check


This team helps students get connected to our ALL NATIONS Students ministry through MOTION Night, Small Groups, retreats, conferences, and serving at the ALL NATIONS Sundays. Requirements: Background check


This team serves as the first impression for those coming to All Nations by welcoming people on and off the property and by providing a safe and efficient parking experience. Requirements: Age: 15+


This team helps to facilitate Small Groups to build relationships while helping group members discover their next steps.


Take the next step in joining the Jesus Dream Team by attending the next Growth Track. The Growth Track is designed to help equip you to live life as a fully devoted follower of Christ and will help you discover and fulfill your God-given purpose.

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