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When we look at the life of Jesus, one thing that stands out in His life is His unconditional love for people. He met people where they are, whether prostitutes, tax collectors, uneducated fishermen, poor or rich, sick, or dead. They were all incredibly special to Him. He sacrificed and gave everything to help everyone overcome life challenges and reconciled them back to His Father. He loved sinners – period.
Through many years that my wife and I have been married and, in the ministry, we have found that following the steps of Jesus has no better satisfaction and joy than loving and caring for God’s people – that includes you reading this.

We do not preach condemnation but the gospel of good news.
Chris Akhimien

The Word Was God

Christ the Healer Part 2 (July 25th, 2021)
Pastor Chris continues his teaching on Christ the healer, then and now. Jesus Himself bore…
Chris the Healer (July 18th, 2021)
  Pastor Chris explains how Christ is the Healer.
“Don’t fear nor faint, Only believe” (July 11th, 2021)
Pastor Chris's message on why we shouldn't fear or faint, but just believe.
Freedom (July 4th, 2021)
  Pastor Chris's message on freedom, from and thru Christ.  
Promise delayed is not promise denied (June 27th, 2021)
Pastor Chris's message on how a promise delayed is not a promise denied.
What to do when you don’t know what to do (June 20th, 2021)
Pastor Chris's message on "What to do when you don't know what to do."

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