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We all have made mistakes in our past, and those mistakes can weigh us down with despair and regrets, robbing our lives of Joy and Hope. But Christ’s death on the cross removed the guilt and shame.

Life is a challenge. Loss of job, failure, setbacks, health, finances, and family challenges are things we all experience, and it can be overwhelming. And many times, you feel no one understands, and you must face these things alone. But you are not alone.

Christ’s death and resurrection broke the power and fear of death. He promises us forgiveness, strength in our daily lives, peace and joy, and eternal life to live with Him forever. 

If you like starting something new, starting a church in a diverse, multi-cultural setting to help people of all nations become devoted followers of Christ – this is a great opportunity for you.

We have programs for the entire family that will teach, encourage, and ground them in the faith. 

We welcome you. Platitudes are cheap, but we mean it. Regardless of your ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, political, family, Coke, or Pepsi background, we welcome and value you. We are an inclusive community that follows Christ. He loves you as you are, and so do we.

To our community family is one of the main priorities. We want our children to be raised in families that foster biblical teachings and authentic friendships.

Men’s discipline causes a better atmosphere in their families, where they can become better husbands and fathers and discipline others as an example.

Learning about the women’s role in the church and society, maternal path and responsibilities through a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and His Word.